About Us


Although a major source for many of these maps is the National Archives, our extensive research into public libraries and other collections has uncovered many maps that no one knew existed, and until now have not been seen by the general public.

Photographic copies of the maps in their current deteriorated state can be purchased from a variety of internet sites as “authentic.”  But Vintage City Maps is  he best source for maps that have actually been restored.  Our maps are painstakingly repaired and remastered by professional artists and graphic designers led by Hal Weiner in Austin, Texas.

The original maps were amazing works of art and many are in color, but unfortunately over the last 100-150 years they have become torn, faded, creased, discolored, and stained.  Many are virtually unrecognizable.  We go to great lengths to save the integrity of the original maps.  We’ve developed our own special techniques and processes for color-correcting, formatting, repairing tears, folds, stains, and enhancing detail.  Much of the printed information detailing the buildings at the bottoms of these maps has been repaired and restored.  Many of the maps had missing sections due to tears and holes, which necessitated researching and then manually drawing in what was originally there. 

Our aim is to restore these works of art back as closely as possible to their original look when the artists created them, and at an affordable price.


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